“Fills You With Volcanicity” Takes On Whole New Meaning

From a public relations perspective, a blog can be a great tool to help manage a brand crisis. Too bad Volvic doesn’t have one in place.

Yahoo News: French food and drink group Danone said it was investigating a report in Britain that a potentially harmful chemical had been detected in bottles of Volvic, one of its leading brands of mineral water.
Danone said it was “actively investigating the exact cause of this problem”, adding that it was an “isolated incident and no other complaints have been received from the same batch of product and remaining samples have been checked.”
A BBC television programme reported earlier Monday that laboratory tests on a bottle of the premium mineral water, marketed as a product for the health conscious, “showed that the water contained a potentially harmful chemical called naphthalene“.
Naphtalene is derived from coal tar or petroleum and is used in manufacturing dyes, moth repellents, and explosives and as a solvent.



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