Dude, Your Bike Is Sceamin’

The iPod is spawning a whole industry of complimentary devices—even Nike has joined the action with their Nike+iPod Sports Kit for runners. Now, a New Jersey man is marketing his own invention that turns one’s bicycle into a portable stereo.
According to Asbury Park Press:

Just over a year ago, while riding his bicycle with his daughter, Emily, it occurred to Mick Kless that he would love to have speakers attached to his handlebar, so he could listen to music on his iPod without taking the dangerous — and illegal — step of plugging the device’s “ear buds” in his ears, blocking out traffic noises.
When he found no one was selling what he wanted, he created the speakers and started selling them himself. What he came up with was the $29.99 i-Ride, which includes the speakers, the mounting bracket, a pouch and audio cable. He also sells a $19.99 version, which doesn’t include the mounting bracket or pouch.
“I told my son he was vice president of logistics,” Kless said. “He said, “What does that mean?’ I said, “That means you pack the boxes.’ “

Given that their are 90 million bikers in America, and who knows how many iPod owners, the Kless family may need to have plenty of cardboard on hand.



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