Collectives Gathering Steam

Bloggers Blog features a comprehensive list of blog networks. Several of the networks in their list are MSM properties with a handful of so-called blogs. I don’t believe such “blogs” a network makes. But I digress. I’m interested in what the independent networks are doing, especially after Jason Calacanis showed the bloatoshpere the proverbial money last month with his sale of Weblogs, Inc. to AOL.
Here are some of the premier indie blog networks (at this moment in time):
9 Rules
B5 Media
Duct Tape Marketing
Fine Fools
Gawker Media
Gothamist LLC
Sports Blog Nation
My list is far from exhaustive. I’m sure there are other networks doing a great job of delivering content and landing ad revenue deals–one of the obvious reasons for the collectives in the first place.
A less obvious reason for putting a network together might have to do with empowering citizens to make media. I know I’ve thought a lot about how to bring blogs to corporate America, and I’m convinced the blogvertising business model will take off. What I’m not convinced of is how committed I am to that path long term. Whereas helping individuals deliver their stories to the world, that’s something I can get excited about, and stay excited about.



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