Chrysler’s Firehouse “Blog” For “Serious Journalists” Only

Steve Hall of Adrants wrote last week about Chrysler’s half-hearted entry into the bloatoshpere. Half-hearted because one must present MSM credentials to “qualify” to read Chrysler’s press releases. I mean, how late 20th century can you get?

Detroit News: The blogosphere can be a jungle, as Chrysler is finding out. The U.S. division of DaimlerChrysler AG recently launched a Weblog called designed to spark rollicking online exchanges between the automaker’s executives and PR team and the news media. Well, Adrants, a marketing Web site filled with news and gossip, didn’t approve of a media-only blog. “This is idiotic. This is stupid. This is insane. Completely illogical and non-sensical.”
Adrants suggested Chrysler take a look at how General Motors Corp. runs its all-access blog – Ouch.
Chrysler PR chief Jason Vines shot back on the Firehouse: “It didn’t take long for the ‘brave’ Web-sters to direct their obviously clueless blather at A recent posting on another blog called our media-only site ‘stupid … insane … completely illogical and non-sensical.’ Hmmm … I could use the same terms to describe the cowardly anonymous poster’s understanding of what we’re doing here … but I won’t.”

Of course, we all know Steve Hall is far from anonymous. All but Jason Vines, that is. However, I have a feeling Vines is about to find out.
Thanks to B.L. Ochman and Random Culture for picking up on this story.

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