Chrysler Goes Back To The Future With Lee Iacocca

According to The New York Times, former Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca will be the spokesman in a series of upcoming commercials for the company.
Lee Iacocca.jpg
When Chrysler was facing backruptcy in the early 1980s, Iacocca appeared in Chrysler commercials, challenging viewers, “If you can find a better car, buy it.” The line will be reused, but this time will be spoken by Jason Alexander.
Personally, I’d rather see them bring back Ricardo Montalban to talk about the rich Corinthian leather.
25 years ago, Iacocca became famous–and turned around the company in the process. I wonder if it’ll work again. It also makes me wonder about their target audience: Does anyone under 30 know who Iacocca is, or what he did for that company? Or have they decided to focus primarily on an 35+ crowd? Does Iacocca still have any appeal now that he doesn’t run the company?



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