Widgets Are Us

Our friends at Talent Zoo supplied us with a new Jobs widget now on display to your right. Here’s wishing ad peeps in need a happy and healthy job search. On a side note, Talent Zoo has been our number one corporate sponsor over the past three years. Aside from the fact that we get […]

Ad Content To Swallow Widgets Whole

Canadian firm NewspaperDirect, the leader in same-day international newspaper distribution, is now offering the Adget, a new kind of ad that allows online readers to interact with a business – make an appointment, book a restaurant table, even order a product – without ever leaving the newspaper site. NewspaperDirect expects this to appeal to local […]

Now Serving Interactive Ad Units (Take Out Available)

According to The New York Times, Google is introducing a Gadget Ads program that will provide tools for advertisers to run widget ads in Google’s AdSense network. Marketers can use space within these display ads on Google’s network to show videos, offer chats with celebrities, play host to games or other activities. If consumers like […]

It’s 2007.5, Best Have A Widget In Your Portfolio

The Wall Street Journal picked up on a study by Alloy Media + Marketing that reveals kids attitudes toward advertising on “their” social networking pages. Not surprisingly, preteens and teenagers don’t like banner ads and other interruptions from marketers. But the study found that in the right circumstances kids enjoy playing with ad-related features on […]