Need A Diversion? Try Social Media!

Fallon’s Skimmer story got picked up by the Minneapolis press. BTW, Fallon laid off 18 people, or 9% of its MN-based staff yesterday.

Crispin Doesn’t Do Boring, Raises Bar On Promotional Marketing

Coupons are boring. You can’t do anything creative with them. And there’s no chance in hell for any kind of industry recognition. Unless, you rewrite the script in the wee hours of the night at Crispin. Then something good can happen. Whopper Sacrifice, a new Facebook app from BK and their friends in Miami/Boulder, is […]

Info Snack Vending Machines from The New York Times

[via Times Widgets]

RSS Is A Door Wide Open

Click the “News” button on the widget above. Looks like our work here is being used to promote a series of conferences on Social Advertising. Am I psyched? I want to be. Maybe if we got something for it, other than exposure, I would be.

Yet Another Facebook Story: Burn Alter Ego’izzle

Our friend, Catharine P. Taylor, wants the virtual you to go clubbing and then report back in the morning. Check that. Coca-Cola wants you to do so. Catharine P. Taylor wants to report on the action, or lack thereof. image courtesy of Mashable Here’s what she’s saying so far: …if you believe that one thing […]

It’s Not An Ad, I Promise

According to BusinessWeek, big brands are looking to widgets to cure some of their banner ad ills. A&E, Electronic Arts, Viacom’s Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Gap, Hewlett-Packard, Hallmark, and Blockbuster are among the businesses hoping to spread a marketing message or raise brand awareness through widgets. “Content and functionality are the new creativity—it’s not about […]

Site Not Making It? Widgetize!

According to Ad Age, the CondeNet division of Conde Nast has decided to turn its business model on its head — and cut headcount from 18 to two in the process. CondeNet yesterday said its focus for Flip, a 10-month-old virtual scrapbook site for teen girls, would shift to ad-supported Flip applications that run […]

Waking To Widgets

The world is made for widgets of all sorts. Facebook widgets, desktop widgets, mobile widgets, etc. According to The New York Times, there’s a new place for widget enablement—right next to your sleeping head. The simplest way to describe the Chumby is as an Internet-enabled alarm clock. It actually is a Linux-powered, WiFi-connected computer with […]