The Edge of Farming Looks At What Many Of Us Rarely See

Moving out here to Washington state last year, I’ve noticed that many local farmers have a higher profile than in other states, thanks to farm-to-table restaurants and farmers markets. But in general, I (and I suspect most city dwellers) have very little understanding of modern farming. Farming advocates are trying to change that, launching a […]

Lots of Small, But Interested Audiences. What’s A Brand To Do?

With both YouTube and Hulu investing large sums in original serial content, there’s a sizable opportunity for brand integration, brand-sponsored content and an opportunity for content companies to be born and built. In Los Angeles today, the production community is well aware of the potential in video, but it’s not like the hits are rolling […]

Teens Tell Teens To Be Safe Behind The Wheel, Because Allstate Wants Them To

Elephant Filmworks, a full-service production and post-production film company founded in Chicago, recently produced an eight episode teen-centric web series called “The Lines” for Allstate Insurance. Here’s the first episode, which was released in January: Here is episode 2, also from January: “The Lines” is meant to speak to young drivers and empower them to […]

What Do You Call Reality TV When It Veers From Reality? A Commercial.

“Cooking With Emeril Lagasse’s Attorney” and “Cooking With A Guy Who Looks A Bit Like Emeril Lagasse” from new Philadelphia Cooking Creme have close to one million views on YouTube. Aside from the YouTube love, Friend of AdPulp, Vinny Warren, and his team at The Escape Pod are also feeling the love from an unexpected […]

Corolla Wants To Be Your First Car

Today Break Media and Toyota introduce Standup Stories “My First Ride,” an original Webseries featuring six comedians as they share the story of their first car experience. The Webseries was filmed with a live 75-member audience at Hollywood’s historic Improv comedy club. Break Media’s Creative Lab, Toyota, and Saatchi & Saatchi led the creative process […]

Live Webisodes Are Totally Interactive

Tubefilter asked Jason Calacanis, CEO of, a human-powered search engine, about the new “land grab” going on in web shows, and if the internet isn’t over-saturated with content (of all sorts) today. Here’s his response: Most podcasts have a life cycle where they publish for three or four weeks consistently, then people do a […]

Want To Make Money Online? You Need Fruit That Talks

According to The Wall Street Journal, Annoying Orange, a web series from Dane Boedigheimer is a BIG, BIG hit. Mr. Boedigheimer, a North Dakota native who moved to California to work in film, now collects ad revenue, sells T-shirts and has an agent exploring spinoffs, all for a character that didn’t exist until October. He […]

Talking Tech With Jesse Draper

Mike Cassidy of Los Angeles Times characterizes Jesse Draper’s Silicon Valley-based talk show as a weird relief. The Internet talk show, called “The Valley Girl Show,” is weird all right. And goofy and silly, and it’s on the Internet, for God’s sake, the province of skateboarding cats and viewers with gnat-like attention spans. But it […]