Passive Users On Participatory Sites

Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Hitwise, published a piece on particiaption levels on Web 2.0 sites in Time earlier this week. The latest data on Internet participation reveals that only a very small percentage of Internet activity is related to users creating and publishing content. The 80/20 rule, also known as the […]

Web Two Point Poo Poo

Top 10 lists make geat memes. And it seems Charlie O’Donnell has given birth to a new one–Top Ten Reasons Why Web 2.0 Sucks. I’d like to share my favorite three of his 10 points here: 4. Web 2.0 is a conversational vacuum. I’ll prove it. Unless you live in the Valley, walk outside your […]

Hitmakers Have Randomness And Cumulative Advantage To Thank For Their Success

Duncan J. Watts, a professor of sociology at Columbia University, along with collaborators Matthew Salganik and Peter Dodd are conducting a Web-based experiment in predictability and consumer preference (for music) at On Sunday, conclusions from their data was spread far and wide via the New York Times Magazine. Recent research suggests that reliable hit […]

The Old Fear Barrier

Jessi Hempel, Innovation editor at BusinessWeek, looks at a McKinsey report concerning adoption (or lack thereof) of Web 2.0 technologies among gloabal corporations. Following the study, Jacques Bughin, who’s a director in McKinsey’s Brussels office interviewed a number of the respondents. “The reason why blogs and wikis, in particular, aren’t well used is that companies […]

Getting Horses To Drink

Client: Can you bring us some of that Web 2.0 stuff we’ve been reading about? Agency: You bet your ass. We looked at this issue last night. Now we have Fast Company senior editor, David Lidsky, breaking it down in his March column. The number-one question lurking in every executive’s heart, whether he’s a corporate […]

Web 2.0, Like All Good Things, Will Be Incorporated By Enterprising Marketers

Former adman turned blogvertiser, Hugh MacLeod, is hearing things. So a lot of clients have been recently asking their ad agencies, “So what can you do for us in Web 2.0?” And the agencies have been replying, “Lots! Lots and lots and lots and lots!” Bullshit. Ad agencies have so far been hopeless in this […]

Twitter De Twitter Dum

Web Host Industry Review offers a concise look at some possible uses for Twitter, a Web 2.0 darling du jour. You can use Twitter as a shorthand newsletter. The example that LifeHacker gave was a video store, whose employees can post new movies now available for rental, holiday business hours, limited-time sales promo, etc. Likewise, […]

The Populists’ Primer

Christopher Carfi published a WWWWH guide to “business-driven Web 2.0 efforts” today. I like what he says about who Web 2.0 is for–the people! Web 2.0 is about people. Period. Who are the people involved? Who will be the primary contributors to the effort? What are their backgrounds? Who are they as people? In addition, […]