Lazare Calls Viral Videos “Small Potatoes”

Lewis Lazare has been watching videos on YouTube. However, it’s premature to say the old man is down with youth culture, for he didn’t much like what he found there. A publicist, all lathered up, contacted us about what he believed to be a truly mind-boggling event happening online: a new video called “Tea Partay” […]

Mac Shareware Firm Gets Blogs

Mac shareware firm macZOT! turned to the legion of bloggers to release their newest piece of software, AppZapper. AppZapper is a nifty uninstaller application for OS X to hunt down the pesky preference and library files which get installed, but are often left floating around when an application is deleted. Beginning this morning, they lobbied […]

Monetize Me!

People are thinking a lot about how to monetize “new” media, such as podcasts and blogs. Well, prepare for a game-changing bomb drop right here on AdPulp. What I’m talking about is monetizing old media; namely, me. Case Study: Gavin Gavin is a 14-year-old developmentally disabled boy who lives in my neighborhood. For a few […]

If Microsoft Packaged The iPod

This meme has been floating around for a while, but since it is rather Mac-centric many of our audience may not have seen it. It is a parody of the iPod packaging if Microsoft were to have sold the iPod. Very humorous, especially if you have a client or two that may dip into the […]

David Baldwin Speaks (To The Times)

For the past month, McKinney Silver’s viral campaign for Oasys Mobile has been bandied about in the bloatosphere. Here we have a clear case of mainstream media following blogs to the story. Oasys, based in Raleigh, N.C., enlisted the advertising firm McKinney & Silver, in Durham, N.C., to introduce its brand inexpensively — with a […]

Virals Spreading Rapidly

Brandweek: A study out this week by interactive marketing agency Sharpe Partners shows that 89% of adult Internet users in the U.S. share content with others via e-mail. And while jokes and cartoons make up 88% of the forwarded material, a full 24% of business and personal finance information is also shared. “We knew a […]

An Ethicist’s Look At Buzz

Thanks to Spike Jones at Brains On Fire for pointing us to this Miami Herald article on buzz marketing by Edward Wasserman, professor of journalism ethics at Washington and Lee University. Advocates do rhapsodize about all this with the fervor of real conviction, as the height of authenticity, a way to empower the lowly grassroots […]

Fake News Keeps On Keepin’ On

Promiscuity claim lands LYNXjet Mostess in hot water. Allegations of flirtatiousness and promiscuity with a male passenger are just some of the accusations being levelled at LYNXjet “Mostess” Lola Allegra. It is alleged that in September of this year, Miss Allegra had invited a male passenger, Mr. Michael Williams into the on board spa bath […]