Levi’s Art Happenings Go Station To Station

Hello Barstow. This hardscrabble town in the California desert is home to Levi’s new art project on rails, for the day. Following Barstow, it’s on to LA and and then San Francisco, which will wrap up an epic cross-country journey. According to Levi’s, Station to Station connects leading figures and underground creators from the worlds […]

This Is A Westin “Ad” Via Deutsch/NYC

Westin believes in “personal renewal via transformative experiences.” And there are few places more desperate for “personal renewal” than the lowly subway box car.

Goodby Uses An Old Realtor’s Trick

According to Lewis Lazare, Goodby is filling the air with the smell of fresh-baked cookies in order to drive milk sales. Scented strips have been a staple in magazine advertising for a while. But always eager to expand the boundaries of what can entice consumers to pay attention to the ad messages, the ad industry […]

I Know, Let’s Advertise Car Insurance On Transit Turnstyles

[via Adverlab]

Transit Authorities Not Mitchum Men

New York Times: On hundreds of New York City subway cars, advertisements for Mitchum, a line of deodorants, are carrying playful messages that presumably evoke the can-do virility of the men in their 20’s and 30’s at whom the product is aimed. One problem is that some of the messages directly contradict the policies of […]