Every Week Is Advertising Week

As part of its Advertising Week coverage, Adweek thrust critic Barbara Lippert in front of a camera to explain disintermediation and how it’s relevant to the agency business. Speaking of Advertising Week, Dan Goldgeier made a great point about the industry schmooze fest when he said, “I’m not in New York City. For the last […]

Are You Having Fun Yet?

Yesterday, after reading in Ad Age that creative people in advertising aren’t having fun anymore, I made the following post to Twitter: Which led to some excellent “at replies” from Twitter users @missjenny and @emanuelbrown. @missjenny said, “Amen. My dad’s a welder. He gets to say he’s not having fun. I don’t.” And @emanuelbrown said, […]

Brands That Push Messages Out, Now Starting To Listen

“Relax, said the night man, We are programmed to receive.” -The Eagles Irina Slutsky of Geek Entertainment TV is now writing news for Ad Age. Well done, Ad Age. Today, Slutsky introduces us to two women–Beth LaPierre and Susan Beebe–chief listening officers at Kodak and Dell, respectively. “In a world where marketing managers are eager […]

One Less Magazine To Read While Munching M&Ms During Post Production

Boards Magazine, which is owned by Brunico Communications Ltd., a privately-held company based in Toronto, is no more. When you land on the pub’s home page, this is what’s there to greet you: According to their “About” page, Boards Magazine was the leading industry publication about the international business of commercial production, read monthly by […]

Ads That Assume Much

Ken Wheaton of Ad Age brought the following spot from Hungry Howie’s to my attention. On YouTube, I found these two complimentary spots from the Michigan-based chain, which now has 564 locations in 22 states. Of course, there’s nothing new about an agency making spots for a client that in turn makes fun of agency […]

That Looks Like Variety’s Dinner They’re Eating

LA Times entertainment reporter, Patrick Goldstein, is on a story that sheds light on one of my favorite topics–the lingering sense of entitlement in managers of businesses being forever altered by the Web. My sources at a number of different studios say that Variety Editor Tim Gray and various entertainment reporters at the trade have […]

It’s A Wrap. Or Is It?

On the heels of last week’s well publicized dismissals of two prominent film critics, The New York Times wonders if classic trade publishing, as practiced by Variety and its younger rival, The Hollywood Reporter, can survive these tough times. “Having something that is valuable enough to pay for is the trick,” said Martin Kaplan, the […]

Lots of Digital Stories In Print

It’s Digital week in Ad Age land. Some highlights: A story on Ford’s bridging of consumer affairs with marketing A list of agencies busy developing intellectual property A look at how we define quality on the Web.