Chris Brogan Isn’t Following You, But It’s Okay

Chris Brogan is a popular dude in certain circles. Ergo, he’s also a popular target for SPAM. To rid his Twitter feed of the unwanted appeals and outright trash, Brogan unfollowed everyone he was following– some 131,000 people. His observations about the unfollowing are worth noting: Many people wrote me fairly passionate statements as to […]

Lovely Sentiments Masquerading As Sales Pitches Fired Out of AdPulp’s Cannon

Comment spam comes in a variety of flavors. In fact, it often comes in an alphabet that I can’t read. But this morning, I received an extra special comment that I can read. I want to share with you now. Isn’t that nice? It almost makes me want to leave it on AdPulp for all […]

The Carnage From Digital Predators Is Foul Indeed

George Parker is done with Facebook and Twitter, two places where digital scam artists got the best of him. …in the last few days, I have had dozens of emails from very pissed off people asking why I am bombarding them with shitty emails flogging everything from insurance to condoms. Obviously someone has hacked my […]