So Social

I like what Marshall Kirkpatrick has to say about launching a social network in today’s media environment. Social networks have caught on for a reason – they offer functionality that’s very useful for a lot of people in many different communities of interest. That said, everyone is wary of copy-cat, roach-motel, me-too social networks. Why […]

Soc Nets Ahead. Wear Hard Hat.

Jonah Bloom of Ad Age sees falling debris on the MyFaceSpace horizon. Facebook and MySpace will have the longest lines of advertisers looking to get into their clubs in 2008. Of course, as those advertisers pay their admission fees and filter in, there’ll be more Beacon-backlash-type tales and plenty of grumbling from the natives. Gated […]

New Year For Another Lame Facebook Story

It seems the bone of contention over Facebook’s Beacon application was but the tip of the iceberg. Now Wired is exploring the company’s “Social Ad” platform and raising more questions about consent and privacy. Have you used Facebook to give a shout-out to businesses you like? Best make sure your profile picture catches your best […]

The New Oxygen of the Internet

BusinessWeek has a new video program called Digital Dish. Fred Wilson, aka “A VC,” stopped by for a chat, which turned to soc nets and how some of them are bound to falter, if not disappear from the web altogether. Here’s Wilson’s response to that charge… “I think that you’re missing one thing, which is […]

Don’t Bogart That Pay Dirt, My Friend

Rumors are flying that News Corp., fresh off its acquistion of Dow Jones, wants to marry the business persons’ newspaper to LinkedIn, the soc net for suits. Apparently, Rupe is willing to pay nearly double the sum he shelled out for MySpace. But get this…according to Wired, Dan Nye, CEO of LinkedIn said it would […]

LinkedIn Gets With The Program

According to The New York Times, business-minded soc net, LinkedIn, is unveiling several new improvements to its site. LinkedIn will encourage developers to use its APIs (application programming interfaces) to build widgets, or small applications. The widgets can, for example, be integrated with a job-hosting Web site to let users see how many connections they […]

Join The Tribe. Exchange Totems.

The New York Times explores the cultural and anthropologic modes found in online social networks. Michael Wesch, who teaches cultural anthropology at Kansas State University, spent two years living with a tribe in Papua New Guinea, studying how people forge social relationships in a purely oral culture. Now he applies the same ethnographic research methods […]

The PG Version of “Sex in the City”

Stuart Elliott of The New York Times looks at how Pepperidge Farm is migrating from the typical consumer packaged goods site to a community site called Art of the Cookie, which purports to offer women social connections through cookies. “We started with this notion of wanting to move our communication with our consumers from telling […]