Yet Another Facebook Story: Wasted Clicks

For those of us living out on the bleeding edge of social media, Facebook is so 2007. But that’s not true for millions of our less-hyperlinked peers. Take Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times, for instance. She has a new Facebook profile, but she’s not happy about it. That journalists have to put themselves in […]

A Soc Full of Nets

After signing up for CityTrex, Dopplr and GoodReads this weekend (and sprucing up my page), I have to ask, how many freaking soc nets can one person join before the utility wears off? Despite the clear value in each individual offering, there has to be a limit, right? Of course, it’s a big part […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave

According to The New York Times, the Facebook group “How to permanently delete your facebook account” has almost 4,300 members and is steadily growing. “It’s like the Hotel California,” said Nipon Das, 34, a director at a biotechnology consulting firm in Manhattan, who tried unsuccessfully to delete his account this fall. “You can check out […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: iPhone Edition

Until I saw it on TV last night, I didn’t know there was an iPhone specific version of Facebook. But there is and Apple wants the MyFaceSpacers to know about it.

MySpace Invites Developers to the Social

MySpace is now “open” for business. According to The Wall Street Journal, MySpace will formally launch the MySpace Developer Platform next Tuesday with a kickoff event and workshop at its new San Francisco office. The company said the program should result in innovations in how friends connect and communicate. MySpace already has informally allowed developers […]

Brands Aren’t Social. But Brand Advocates Are.

Paul Martecchini, formerly of Yahoo, appears in a video on Brandweek to help brands understand how to play on soc nets. There’s a lot of what NOT to do, but then Martecchini points to how Adidas rolls. Martecchini says, “Nobody one wants to join the social network of a corporation. It’s too impersonal.” He believes […]

Soc Nets Are The New Portals

The New York Times is running an interesting piece on MySpace, which receives more than 1.3 billion page views a day and has 110 million members. For instance, I now know that Chris DeWolfe, the business face of the company, and co-founder Tom Anderson, 37, the product specialist, both recently signed new contracts reported to […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: A Central Place for Gathering Intelligence

Hugh Macleod is not part of the Facebook-hating mob (or is it a clique?) but he does like this critical Guardian piece on the politics behind the company. Investigative journalist, Tom Hodgkinson, says he hates Facebook in his lead. He then delves into a deep background check on the money men behind the soc net. […]