Droga5 Pulls MailChimp from Email Marketing’s Black Hole

Email marketing is more science than art. For many small- to medium-sized businesses, email marketing is also a mystery. The person in charge of managing campaigns has to work to segment lists, design templates, create A-B tests, track click-throughs and KPIs, plus plan and execute the content delivery. When this is your task list, you […]

Wolf & Wilhelmine’s #WolfHowl Reverberates Coast-to-Coast

Heidi Hackemer, founder and director of strategy for Wolf & Wilhelmine, has the right idea—either rebuild the agency of the future around her own human needs or get the hell out of dodge. Hackemer is a Wisconsin-bred New Yorker who believes in good ideas, a good run and good hair. She also eloquently states several […]

Free Advice, When Perfectly Implemented, Adds Up To Serious Cash

Give your expertise away for free on the World Wide Web, and if you are fully dedicated and incredibly talented the community will pay you back. This is commonly accepted wisdom on the Internets today. A formula, if you will. Of course this does not mean it’s a good idea to offer free advice, just […]

So Much Better Than A “Like” On Facebook

Eyeglasses purveyor, Warby Parker, did something right. We know this because Marsha, a customer from New Orleans, conveyed her brand love in a box of goodies from the Crescent City. I’ll take beignets from Cafe Du Monde over a Facebook “Like” every time.

Video Production Skills Are Sales Skills

In a New York Times Small Business feature on using online video to attract customers, the reporter points to BBQguys.com in Baton Rouge, and makes something of a case study. According to the Times, online video has helped the company recover its human touch virtually. In 2006, it started posting informal YouTube videos featuring new […]

Many Are Searched, Few Are Found

Domain name purveyor, Go Daddy, wants to help small business owners find new customers. This is why: Seventy percent of households now use the Internet to find local products and services. Yet many of the local providers of essential services, like barbers, pet groomers and dry cleaners, have a weak Web presence or no Web […]

Small Business Is Big Business, Particularly For Overseas Carriers

I love to say face time is the killer app. Apparently, British Airways shares this wavelength. The British Airways Face-to-Face Program provides small businesses with free tools, educational resources, networking opportunities and flights to conduct business internationally. There’s also a contest where small business owners tell submit a video or short essay describing where they […]