What You’re Having For Lunch Soon To Be Bingable

Kara Swhisher is breaking the news that Microsoft has inked an important new search deal with Twitter and Facebook. The pact will bring status updates to the Bing search engine. Swisher says, “The deal is a definite blow to the dominant search engine, since-for the first time-data will be available on Bing that is not […]

Traditional Media, Not The Google’s Thing

First, The Google stepped off it’s print buying excursion. Now, just two weeks later, the search titan is backing away from the radio table. According to The New York Times: Google said it was ending its radio project, Google Audio Ads, because it had failed to live up to expectations. Up to 40 people are […]

Search + Social = Success

Kent Lewis, President of Anvil Media, is Portland’s search engine marketing expert. More than one source has shared this insight with me since arriving on these mossy shores. It’s not a topic I know a great deal about, but its one that a bunch of clients with tightening budgets want to understand. Kent shares his […]

Google Screws With Our Heads

Google pissed a bunch of content producers off this week by adjusting their Page Rank algorithm. Apparently, the G men don’t appreciate sidebar links, a.k.a. blogrolls. You’ll note the blogroll here is quite extensive. Accordingly, AdPulp’s Page Rank was lowered. Technosailor has a good response to the negative adjustments. For bloggers who are not sure […]

Inform And Entertain

According to Media Post, only one third of nearly 1,000 consumers Nielsen interviewed recently could recall any TV commercials they had seen. There are a million places to go with this kind of data. I might say people can’t remember their own phone numbers either. In fact, 21% of the people polled in this survey […]

Calacanis Says “Thank You”

Serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis launched Mahalo.com, a human-powered search engine, at the Wall Street Journal’s D Conference yesterday. “Google’s mission is to index the world’s information; our mission is to curate that wonderful index,” said Calacanis. TechCrunch has more on the developments.

Bebo Bonanza

According to Google, “a year’s worth of search speaks to our collective consciousness.” If this is true, our collective consciousness is particularly concerned with social networks. Here are the top ten search terms on Google for 2006: 1. bebo 2. myspace 3. world cup 4. metacafe 5. radioblog 6. wikipedia 7. video 8. rebelde 9. […]

The Old Embedded Google Search Box Trick

USA Today reports on a lucrative deal between online titans. Google reached a deal Monday with the owner of MySpace.com to share at least $900 million in advertising revenues and become the exclusive search provider for the popular social-networking site. Under the multiyear deal, News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media unit will add Google search boxes […]