SEO Tutorial For Copywriters: Headlines That Please The ‘Bots, Reach The People

For the majority of the time I’ve been producing content for the placement on the Web, I have not cared a click for optimizing my headlines, or body copy, for search. Why? Because I write for people, not machines. Of course, online, you need to please the machines, in order to reach the people. David […]

Brownstein Shows Big Time CDs How Online Advertising Works, Lands Job

Alec Brownstein came up with a brilliant way to get the attention of the creative directors that he wanted to work for–he bought their names as search terms on Google, knowing that people will invarably Google themselves. When the CDs Brownstein targeted did, in fact, Google themselves, his paid result which appeared at the top […]

Tacoma’s Twitter-Friendly Hotel

According to Tacoma News Tribune, Twitter, tweets and a tweet-up are good for business. The paper came to this conclusion after 120 people gathered at Hotel Murano in downtown Tacoma last night for the city’s first major commercial tweet-up. “It’s fun if you can meet people face-to-face,” said Dina Nishioka, spokeswoman for Provenance Hotels, the […]

Feed The Wiki, Which In Turn Feeds Search

PORTLAND–It’s quarter to five on Wednesday afternoon and I’m wandering the Olympic Mills building, a veritable castle full of creative enterprises. The new American Charcuterie on the ground floor looks enticing, but I’m headed to “5” where Wilderness and Mr. Aaron Draplin keep an office. Alas, no one’s home at Wilderness, so I head down […]

Bing Finds Friends In The Psuedo Agrarian Movement

This page on Facebook has more than 22 million fans. I had no idea virtual farming was insanely popular. Thankfully, Brian Morrissey of Adweek is helping me catch up. Microsoft found a potent way to make friends on Facebook: offer users of hyper-popular social game FarmVille virtual currency. The in-game offer on Tuesday resulted in […]

Searching For The Right Search Plan

I’ve experimented with ads on Google AdWords a time or two, and it’s a bit tricky to figure out. But it is big business, and it’s critical to many small businesses, as the New York Times reports: For more than one million businesses, Google’s search advertising system is like a hose inundating Web sites with […]

Funneling Towards A Sale

Kevin Lee, CEO of Didit, and Gian Fulgoni, Chairman and Founder of comScore discuss branding’s importance in the marketing mix and how search alone won’t close the sale. [via iMediaConnection]

Want People To Search For Your Product Or Service? Give Them A Reason To.

At the airport “being searched” is a royal pain. On the Web it’s the golden rule. According to The Wall Street Journal, marketers are becoming more savvy searchers. For instance, VW is sharing information across its dealer network so dealers and corporate don’t compete for a key phrase like “GTI Atlanta.” The article also argues […]