Blogrolls Are Doomed

Guy Kawasaki is about to make blogrolls–those text heavy sidebar features–obsolete. For who needs a blogroll, when a simple link to one’s My Alltop page takes care of business? Visit AdPulp’s My Alltop page

Feed Me

Business 2.0 spoke to Dick Costolo, CEO of FeedBurner. According to the article, FeedBurner manages more than 300,000 feeds from the humblest bloggers to the mightiest publishers: Gannett, Hearst, Reuters. When FeedBurner launched in February 2004, it was instantly popular with bloggers. But commercial publishers were wary, if not outright dismissive. “They’d say, ‘I only […]

Get Your RSS On

Phil Gomes, vice president with Edelman’s Interactive Solutions and Me2revolution groups, writing for iMedia Connection: Marketers and media folks who haven’t woken up to web content syndication (through RSS or some other format) are, frankly, fighting the attention wars with stone knives and bearskins.

Skaters Shred The Web

If you’re a skater, Real Simple Syndication (RSS), just got simpler. To keep up on the latest news from Roller Warehouse, and to share that news on your own web site or MySpace page, you can now add a bit of code and presto–instant skater-specific newsfeed. Roller Warehouse: Aggressive Rollerblade Skates On the news ticker, […]

RSS Ads Get Clicked

Adweek: Users receiving RSS feeds are much more likely to click on feed advertising than regular Web ads, according to a new study. Pheedo, a San Francisco company that helps publishers put ads in their Really Simple Syndication feeds, found that RSS ads received a 3.2 percent to 8 percent click-through rate during a study […]