The Corporate Coffee Backlash: Coming To Your Town Soon

In a comment seeming to stary from their party line, Consumerist says: Normally we’re not into anti-consumer agitprop but this one butters the biscuit. You can’t see it in the photo, but this stencil is directly adjacent to a brand-spankin’-new, soon-to-open Starbux. Click over to Consumerist for more photos.

Talk About An Explosive Post

In a case of extreme customer empowerment, Paul English really “started something” last fall when he published a directory of unlisted 1-800 customer service numbers on his blog. According to The New York Times, following more than one million visitors to his blog in January alone plus appearances on MSNBC, NPR and the BBC, “Mr. […]

Free Speech Not Free

Consumerist points to a maddening customer service story. Matthew Ghali created, to share his poor customer experience with Golden Gate Volkswagen, and its owner, Mathew Zaheri. In May 2003, my fiancee (now my wife) and I took her Jetta to Golden Gate Volkswagen for a few simple repairs. This experience at Golden Gate Volkswagen […]

A Reductive And Immeasurably Harmful Code Of Public Discourse

Do you know about the First Things First manifesto? I did not, until today. According to Wikipedia, this is what it’s about: The First Things First manifesto was written 29 November 1963 and published in 1964 by Ken Garland. Today we may not understand the significance of the document which at the time caused consternation. […]

Forget Marketing. Focus On Manufacturing Something Of Value.

Hugh’s buddy, The Head Lemur, really let one fly today. Marketeers always deny that what they do is harmful. They create the most convoluted and ‘plausable’ justifications for what they do. They will tell you that marketing is good for you. They will tell you that you can’t live without them and you are somehow […]

Beware Of 29E

I-Am-Bored posted this hand-written consumer complaint against Continental Airlines last year. I was unawre of it until today, when Consumerist picked it up. It begins, “Dear Continental Airlines, I am disgusted as I write this note to your about the miserable experience I am having in seat 29E on one of your aircrafts. As you […]

Bud Light Scores High Marks With High Schoolers

According to The New York Times, Americans under the age of 17 dug the Super Bowl spots from Bud Light. In fact, Bud Light ads ranked first, second and fourth in popularity for the under 17 demographic. Bud Light’s brand team should feel good that they’re connecting with this crucial segment of emerging beer drinkers. […]

Advertising As Visual Trash: A Northern Rockies Case Study

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: The Bozeman City Commission overturned an ordinance allowing private advertising on city-owned vehicles Monday night. In a 3-2 vote commissioners Kaaren Jacobson, Steve Kirchhoff and Jeff Rupp voted to overturn a previous ordinance allowing businesses to advertise on city-owned vehicles — specifically the city’s fleet of garbage trucks. City Manager, Chris Kukulski, […]