Army Strong, Offer Stronger

If you think your client’s product is a tough sell, try selling the Army in the fifth year of a war. Today’s Wall Street Journal looks at the new approaches the Army is taking–appealing to Mom and Dad in order to sign up Junior: The Army has been enlisting youths for decades by promising them […]

Must Have Great Portfolio And Hit The High Notes

Creating great marketing is a lot like theater and performing – it’s all about small ensemble teams improvising around customer insight. –Jeff Flemings Self-promo is tough to get right, as is its kissin’ cousin, recruitment advertising. But the above effort works pretty well. Of course, I’ve always had a weak spot for band metaphors.

Spooks Turn To Advertising

Associated Press investigates recruitment advertising efforts made on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency, an organization with a lot of new employees–40 percent began working at the agency after the Sept. 11 attacks. The agency started in 2002 with black-and-white ads. Last year, the agency’s television ads during Washington Nationals baseball games were so quiet […]