Make Room For HR In Your Company’s Social Feeds

Not too long ago, people used to “break in” to advertising. That’s how hard it was to land a job at a top creative agency. Today, even the best agencies need to make an effort to recruit talent. Witness Brunner’s self-promotional efforts on Twitter: We offer careers where you’re not holed up over a laptop […]

Work In Retail, No Really, Work In Retail

Recruitment advertising isn’t the sexiest beast in Adland. Nevertheless, there is a continuing need for it, as people don’t always see jobs or industries in the best light. For instance, what is the first thing you think of when you hear the word retail? Cash registers, bad lighting, Muzak and low hourly wages. Yet, retail […]

Fix Your Agency Talent Drain With Praise, Respect, Money and Skill

There’s a lot of noise about agencies failing to innovate and how this doesn’t work for today’s young workforce. In many instances the complaints are highly credible. Other times, it doesn’t add up to more than bitching about work. Murat Mutlu, a product designer and co-founder of Marvel App, offers up his take on why […]

Ad Agency Takes Strong Pro-Detroit Stance. Go Tigers.

There’s some shoddy reporting in The New York Times today about how Boulder, CO is the new Madison Avenue. Puh leeze. You want a job in advertising? Day Twah, baby. That’s the recruitment message now being beamed out by Lowe Campbell Ewald. Iain Lanivich, Creative Director at the shop, pitches Detroit hard in the above […]

Are You Are Young, Smart and Ambitious? Join The Guild of Meaning Makers

Members of the Four A’s are in Beverly Hills, Calif. this week to confer around the topic of industry transformation. According to The New York Times, recruitment advertising is one notable area where transformation is desperately needed. “The No. 1 thing you hear from students and young people in other fields is, ‘Wow, I didn’t […]

Some Brands Need To Brand Themselves As Great Employers

You’d think that in this economy, employers wouldn’t have to make a huge effort to attract candidates. Not so, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal: Candidates such as chemists and businesspeople sometimes assumed that PepsiCo only had roles for individuals with experience in the food-and-beverage industry, said Paul Marchand, vice president of […]

Incubate Your Best Marcom Ideas In Pepsi

PepsiCo is looking for emerging technologies and innovations in social media, mobile marketing, experiential marketing and gaming. Ergo, the beverage company is partnering with Mashable and Highland Capital Partners to provide up to 10 start-ups with resources, support and mentoring to bring their ideas to fruition. Beginning today until June 24, 2010, interested entrepreneurs can […]

Talent Zoo Is Offering AdPulp Readers (The Ones Who Employ People) 25% Off

It’s 2009 and that means new budgets. New budgets means hiring and hiring means running an ad on, at least in these quarters that’s what it means. Thanks to the enlightened management team at Talent Zoo, you can now take 25% off the placement of a job ad or bundle of ads. All you […]