When Will Advertisers “Like” Facebook?

According to Reuters, Facebook is the No. 1 website in the United States by page views, but it is a relatively small player in the online ad market. That fact must keep Zuck up at night. Here’s another one: Facebook’s revenue is somewhere in the half a billion range, whereas Yahoo earned $6.5 billion and […]

In Some Retailer’s Eyes, You’re Not You, You’re A Data Point

George Orwell argues in 1984 that Big Brother is watching you. I’ve long held that in reality we are watching Big Brother, but I’m willing to concede we’re watching each other. According to The Wall Street Journal, NEC Electronics Corp. has designed a method for digital signs to track the age, gender and number of […]

Autocontentmatons And Advertisers In The Newsroom

According to The Wall Street Journal, AOL is betting it can reinvent itself with a numbers-driven approach to developing content, based on what Web-search and other data tell it is most likely to attract audiences and sponsors. AOL says its technology streamlines the process of assigning, editing and publishing stories by using a series of […]

Did You Know That Lotus Knows?

Given the concern people have for their privacy in online environments (as noted this morning by Danny G.), Lotus Knows is kind of a strange campaign. Learn more about IBM’s desktop product at LotusKnows.com.

Opt Out Is Good But Opt In Is Better

Yahooligans will soon be able to opt out of “customized advertising” on Yahoo.com. Yahoo! announced the new opt-out capability as part of its response to a Congressional inquiry about customization sent to 33 companies from the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Stephanie Clifford of The New York Times notes that Yahoo already allows users to […]

To Regulate Or Not To Regulate Online Advertising

How did we end up in a world where private companies want more regulation and the government wants less? If I understand this New York Times article correctly, that’s what’s happening: The Senate Commerce Committee began Wednesday to look at how online companies collect and use data about Internet users for advertising, and was told […]

State Assemblyman Armed With Slingshot Aims At Tech Giants

A trade group representing several large Internet companies sent a letter detailing “strong opposition” to a New York state bill that would limit the companies’ ability to collect information for targeted advertising. “[The bill] is unnecessary, most likely unconstitutional, and would have profound implications for the future of Internet advertising and the availability of free […]

Data Is The New Gold And People Will Do Anything For It

Let’s pick up one of Danny G.’s favorite topics this morning—privacy, or violations thereof. According to The New York Times, a data miner called Phorm, has created a tool that can track every single online action of a given consumer, based on data from that person’s Internet service provider. Phorm is right now trying to […]