Dangling Ferraris

Long Zheng writes about the fancy new machine he and many other bloggers received from Edelman, the blogger-friendly PR giant working with Microsoft to help launch Windows Vista. Microsoft gave out some timely Christmas presents to a bunch of bloggers this year. Brandon LeBlanc got one, Scott Beale got one, Barb Bowman got one, Mauricio […]

Geeky New Yorkers Prefer Media Establishment

Lockhart Steele, Gawker Media’s Managing Editor, is posting on ValleyWag. In one post on Nicholas Butterworth, Steele addresses the cultural differences between Silicon Alley and Silicon Valley. Internet industry life in New York City is different than in the Valley. People here don’t listen to podcasts not produced by NPR, and they don’t read Scoble. […]

Simmons Says, Ice Is Nice

The New York Times looks at Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons’ involvement with the diamond trade–an industry now under scrutiny thanks to a critical Hollywood film. “Blood Diamond,” directed by Harvard graduate Edward Zwick, depicts the violence surrounding the diamond trade in Sierra Leone in the 1990s. Simmons entered the diamond trade in 2003 with […]

Caught In The PR Crossfire

There’s a bloatospheric storm brewing over Wal-Mart’s “fake” blog, Wal-Marting Across America. John at Biz Hack calls it a “flog,” otherwise known as a stealth PR blog. Bottom line, it lacks transparency—the very thing Wal-Mart’s PR agency likes to trumpet. And it’s not just Edelman on the line, here. Editor & Publisher reports on the […]

Ad Industry Turns To PR Firm For Image Help

From Ad Age: The American Association of Advertising Agencies has tapped GolinHarris, a global firm that represents corporate heavyweights such as McDonald’s and SC Johnson, to stave off “negative headlines” and burnish the industry’s reputation with reporters and other influencers. It’s unclear exactly what tactics will be employed, but executives familiar with the situation said […]

Popeye Is Bummin’

According to the Washington Post: Federal health officials issued an advisory about bagged spinach yesterday, saying that a preliminary investigation had linked an outbreak of a particularly harmful strain of the bacteria Escherichia coli 0157:H7 to bagged fresh spinach. The bacteria can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea. Some people can also develop kidney failure. More […]

Wal-Mart Running For Office

According to the New York Times, Bentonville, Arkansas-based retail behemoth, Wal-Mart, is taking its “we’re good for America” spin to the airwaves. Wal-Mart, under attack now from unions and prominent Democrats, yesterday introduced a marketing campaign that closely resembles the television advertisements used by political candidates. In a local experiment (spots are running in Omaha […]

Get Web 2.0 Right (So There’s No Web 3.0)

Steve Rubel, VP of a large PR firm, is moonlighting as a commitment counselor. Who knew? If I were the Web, I would be tired of all the dating games by now and would have moved on to someone else. It seems as though all global corporations want to do is flirt, date or maybe […]