Wine by Joe Is A Great Product, In A Great Package With Great Point of Sale

I saw something yesterday that I don’t normally see on our trips to Willamette Valley wineries. Exceptional POS! I’ve written before about the wine industry’s need–in marketing terms–to move from the cottage to the estate. One of the best places to make such a move is in-store, since that’s where the greatest number of purchase […]

Marry Digital To Experiential And Don’t Look Back

I don’t believe they teach media planning at Haverford College, but Lena DerOhannessian, Southern Comfort’s U.S. marketing director, learned it somewhere (and learned it well). According to Ad Age, Brown-Forman’s Southern Comfort brand — weary of jostling for notice with other spirits brands during the narrow nightly window when they are permitted to advertise on […]

All Together Now: Build Brands And Move Product

Point of sale might as well be called “point of no return,” because the majority of purchase decisions are made in the aisle at retail. Yet, the creative at point of sale has traditionally been weak. A fact which has led traditional ad agencies to hold their noses high in disgust. But that’s changing as […]

Heine Sounds Good

Ecast: Heineken, kicks-off their second nationwide advertising campaign on Internet jukeboxes throughout the United States via Ecast’s on-premise, interactive jukebox network. The campaign, which supports the 48th annual GRAMMY® Awards, will run on over 4400 broadband-enabled jukeboxes in bars and taverns throughout the country until Feb. 15th. The campaign features a Heineken micro-site, downloadable collections […]

When Black Friday Comes I’m Gonna…Save Some Cash

Otherwise known as “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year. And it’s notorious for early bird “doorbuster” specials and one-day sales. Now this website will show you what’s on sale at various stores during Black Friday, in many instances with actual PDF’s of sale inserts. Happy Chanukah, Merry […]

Inflatables 2.0

We Make Money Not Art points to this Japanese firm that makes inflatable robots. Given the popularity of inflatables at point-of-sale, it seems like these robotic versions could make this time-tested tactic more compelling. Imagine, for instance, an inflatable robot of any brand icon–Col. Sanders, Captain Morgan, Ronald McDonald, etc.

Welcome To Spokane

There’s something wonderful about truth in advertising. Thanks to my friend, Evil Vince, for the image.

The Poetry Of Paid Content

Marketers of the art form known as poetry have resorted to the retail art of gumball machines, in order to capture market share for well placed meaning in words. Gots to give it up to ’em. This is a great distribution method. A quarter for your thoughts. Hey, let’s invent one for the ad biz. […]