If It Matters, Do It Right

Random Culture doesn’t think too highly of Ad Age’s new let’s-jump-on-the-podwagon cast. I’d love to be able to post here about someone doing podcasting right, but the bad ones keep popping up. Advertising Age is not an exception. They’ve launched a podcast called “Why it Matters”, and I have to say, I’m let down by […]

I Don’t Care What Reseachers Say, Music Is Not A Commodity

I’m guessing 15-year old podcasting phenom, Zoe, wasn’t part of the following academic study. Breitbart: Internet downloading and MP3 players are creating a generation of people who do not seriously appreciate songs or musical performances, British researchers said. “The accessibility of music has meant that it is taken for granted and does not require a […]

Advertaining Video For Your Pod

Pod Guide points to two new advertainment efforts from major marketers. Both are delivered via the brand’s own media property. I’ve noticed a few more big name advertisers are starting to distribute short form content via their web sites in iPod format. It’s the old “BMW Films” strategy of trying to convince people that ads […]

Tom Bodett’s 6 Reasons Not To Buy Airtime

Adweek: Accor North America, operator of Motel 6, Red Roof Inn and other motel chains, has launched its first podcast ad campaign featuring longtime spokesman Tom Bodett. The Richards Group, Accor’s agency, developed the campaign. “Podcasting is a new way for people to gather information based on their own preferences and timing,” said Eric Studer, […]

Hugh Calls Hugh “An Unusual Character”

Hugh Fraser offers a podcast interview with Robert Scoble and Hugh MacLeod, together for the Geek dinner at The Texas Embassy in London.

See Amanda Run

NYT: Amanda Congdon is a big star on really small screens – like the 4½- inch window she appears in on computer monitors every weekday morning or the 2½ inches she has to work with on the new video iPod. Ms. Congdon, you see, is the anchor of a daily, three-minute, mock TV news report […]

Smells Like Teen Profit

PR Newswire: Martina Butler may soon be the envy of her peers. This cutting-edge 15 year-old has secured corporate sponsorship of a weekly podcast where she discusses her favorite music and interviews celebrities. In the first partnership of its kind, MobileCast Media, Inc., a planning, production and mobile media buying organization, has arranged for Nature’s […]

Casting For Dollars

Fruitcast is a new service with the aim of commercializing podcasts. Their logo is also strangely reminiscent, but that’s another story. We make it ridiculously easy to put ads on your podcast. All you have to do is sign up for an account, and post the new feed URL we create for you on your […]