Pushing Fashion To The Pod

Karl Lagerfeld is Podcasting. Lagerfeld closed New York’s Fashion Week with a runway show that one didn’t need a ticket to experience. CORE’s motion design division, COREaudiovisual, created brand-oriented content that was seen by audiences both inside and outside the show’s venue, and produced a video Podcast of the event that was available minutes after […]

Pay Up

From News.com: The Ricky Gervais Show, one of the most popular podcasts on Apple Computer’s iTunes Music Store, is moving to a paid-only format to be sold by audio book specialist Audible. Audible plans to announce on Tuesday that it will start selling episodes of Gervais’ show beginning with a new “season two” collection of […]

Get The Download On Iraq

Eva Barboni on the Swarthmore lawn While Rocketboom looks to fill its tank with an estimated $2 million in ad sales–a lot of money for a video podcast–a group of students at Swarthmore College outside Philadelphia are deeply immersed in another sort of podcasting venture. War News Radio is a news program on conditions in […]

Hey Man, Whatcha Listening To?

From News.com: A U.S. security expert who devised an application that can fill an iPod with business-critical data in a matter of minutes is urging companies to address the very real threat of data theft. Abe Usher, a 10-year veteran of the security industry, created an application that runs on an iPod and can search […]

Brands On Tape

BMW Audiobooks: Put on your seatbelt and prepare for highs, lows and plenty of twists and turns. BMW, in conjunction with Random House, brings you BMW Audio Books, a unique series of specially-commissioned short stories showcasing the work of some of the finest contemporary writing talent. Each gripping tale is yours to download for free […]

Slamdance Helps Elevate D.I.Y. Another Notch

Susan Buice and Arin Crumley, the team behind the revolutionary and popular “Four Eyed Monsters Video Podcasts,” premiered three new episodes of their series at the Slamdance 2006 Film Festival in Utah, earlier this week. According to their press release, this was the first ever inclusion of a podcast in a film festival, confirming what […]

If It Matters, Do It Right

Random Culture doesn’t think too highly of Ad Age’s new let’s-jump-on-the-podwagon cast. I’d love to be able to post here about someone doing podcasting right, but the bad ones keep popping up. Advertising Age is not an exception. They’ve launched a podcast called “Why it Matters”, and I have to say, I’m let down by […]

I Don’t Care What Reseachers Say, Music Is Not A Commodity

I’m guessing 15-year old podcasting phenom, Zoe, wasn’t part of the following academic study. Breitbart: Internet downloading and MP3 players are creating a generation of people who do not seriously appreciate songs or musical performances, British researchers said. “The accessibility of music has meant that it is taken for granted and does not require a […]