Where Creative Comes From

The official SXSW site is offering several podcasts from the Interactive Conference last week. One I feel good about recommending here is Rob Weychert and Jason Santa Maria’s talk on “Design Inspiration.” Sketch of the panel by Varick Rosete Jason is Creative Director at Happy Cog Studios in Philadelphia. Rob is an Art Director there.

Podcasts Perfect For Novelists

In the New York Times today, a great example of how faith in your art can pay off, if you’re smart, resourceful, and have something people want. Most first-time novelists only sell a few thousand copies, but Scott Sigler, a San Francisco-based sci-fi writer, has built a sizeable audience for his “steel-tipped boot on your […]

Podcasters To Make Some Noise

Bum Rush the Charts seeks to make a loud statement next month–one they hope will be heard by music industry executives. On March 22nd, the podcasting community is going to take an indie podsafe music artist to number one on the iTunes singles charts as a demonstration of our reach to Main Street and our […]

Greasing The Podcasting Wheels

Large corporations that wish to make podcasts available to their consumers are generating new revenue streams for the rights holders. The Wall Street Journal looks at one such deal between an agency and a major label. San Francisco-based Rock River Communications Inc. has struck some of the first deals to license major-label content for podcasts. […]


Jason Calacanis, CEO of AOL’s Weblogs Inc. is playing with microphones and software and stuff.

Geriatric1927 Lays His Story Down

Viral videos distributed through YouTube are all the rage, but until the recent emergence of You Tube user, Geriatric1927, the idea that senior citizens would successfully run with this ball was not well, nor widely, understood.

Ad Age Cozies Up To A Client

Ad Age has posted their second ‘CMO Connections’ video, a project supported by CBS Radio. In this edition, Point editor, Jennifer Rooney, sits down with Andrea Spiegel, VP-sales and marketing, JetBlue. There are no real highlights from the spot. I take note of it because two prominent media companies have come together to create a […]

“It’s Not A Big Truck. It’s A Series Of Tubes.”

powered by ODEO Senator Ted Stevens’ finest hour, all mashed up for your listening pleasure.