I’m Not David Byrne, But I Am A Talking Head

Taylor Ellwood of Imagine Your Reality, had me on his podcast this evening. We covered a lot of ground in 60 minutes and I’m grateful to Taylor for the opportunity to air out some of my favorite topics: like too much time spent in front of the computer screen; how to make money on one’s […]

The Face Of Media

Gen Y marketing expert and radio personality, Bret Bernhoft, asked me to appear on his new radio program, The Face of Media. Naturally, I agreed. What self-respecting ad blogger wouldn’t want to quaff an IPA while dishing on the future of media? The show is also available on Archive.org and iTunes. The recording took place […]

One Big Ad Blog Love Fest

I want to send out a very special thank to Bob Knorpp of The Beancast for a live read on his 2009 Year End Show. He, and guests George Parker and Bill Green have some terribly nice things to say about us. If a Web site could blush… Knorpp frames our content as “considered commentaries” […]

Hear This, Vol. 2

Back in August, marketing podcaster Bob Knorpp invited Danny G. and me on his weekly radio show, The BeanCast. Apparently we didn’t break anything, because Bob asked us back for more. We recorded “Episode Eighty: Scrubbing Rupe” tonight via Skype. You can download the MP3 directly, or head over to the iTunes store. Bill Green […]

Puma Product Placements Showing Up In The Strangest Places

AmEx, you’ve been served by Joseph Jaffe. Somehow, I don’t see them caring all that much. By the way, BofA took 30 large off our table (home equity line of credit) with no rhyme, reason or warning, and then they came back around and clipped the limit on one of my credit cards. Banks don’t […]

Ad Bloggers Diversify Their Offerings

Bill Green of Make the Logo Bigger is teaming up with Angela Natavidad of Adrants and Live and Uncensored to create a new adcast called AdVerve. Green has a really good radio voice and Natavidad’s touch works as a solid counter balance. Plus she lives in Paris. How many radio shows can say they have […]

Hear This

Bill Green of Make The Logo Bigger joined Danny G. and me last night on The BeanCast, a weekly marketing and advertising program hosted by Bob Knorpp. We had a lively discussion around the following five topics: Crispin Porter & Bogusky’s choice to crowdsource a logo and the stink it raised in the design community […]

NPR Scores With Content Packaged for Download

According to Ad Age, National Public Radio has been able to grow its total ad revenue from $18 million in 2002 to $46 million in 2007, in part by the leading the podcasting charge. In August 2005, Honda became its first sponsor to sign up for a podcast-specific deal, a trend that has since been […]