Back On The BeanCast

Thanks to Bob Knorpp’s gracious invitation, I joined Mike Monello of Campfire, David Vogeleer of Education First and Darrell Whitelaw of MIR on The BeanCast Sunday night. We discussed Facebook’s smear campaign against Google, how to determine who is influential in social circles, luxury brands and social connections, the introduction of the Cannes Effectiveness Lion, […]

Knorpp Hosts Fireside Chat With Hoffman, Burn, Forrester and Briody

Bob Knorpp has a big time podcasting gig with Ad Age now, but the guy knows who his friends are. Four of those friends, myself included, jumped on a call with Knorpp last last night for the 129th recording of TheBeanCast. Listen via iTunes now, or if you prefer, download the MP3. One of my […]

A Little BeanCast To Start Your Week

Last night, I once again had the privilege of chatting on The BeanCast alongside some cool folks: show host Bob Knorpp, Bill Green, Peter Shankman, and Scott Henderson. As always, it’s an interesting mix of topics. We talked about mobile platforms, the viability of press releases, the difference between :15 and :30 spots, social search, […]

Talking Shop With Bill And Angela Of AdVerve

I had a great time on Tuesday talking to Bill Green and Angela Natavidad of AdVerve, a podcast about advertising and marketing. I’ve appeared on several shows of late, but this one turned out really well, at least to my ears. Bill, Angela and I covered a lot of ground in a short period of […]

Radio Personality, Bob Knorpp On Camera. Yes, He’s A Longhair!

As you may know from previous reports here, Humongo Nation is an annual tour by Connecticut-based agency, Humongo. The team travels around in a Ford Flex and stops in to see various ad people along their route. People like BeanCast host, Bob Knorpp, in Greensboro, NC. Knorpp breaks some interesting news in his segment, which […]

The BeanCast Episode 112: Boobies And Kittens

Bob Knorpp of The BeanCast (audio link) gathered a gaggle of ad bloggers (myself included) last night to record the 112th episode of his marketing podcast. Subscribe to The BeanCast Fast Takes Marketing Podcast on iTunes Knorpp guided us through a great set of topics, including competing fund raising efforts for the Gulf disaster; Alyssa […]

A BeanCast To Start The Week

Last night I had the privilege of appearing on The BeanCast with Joseph Jaffe, Helen Klein Ross, Duane Forrester, and of course, show host Bob Knorpp. We covered a range of topics, including the effectiveness of the Old Spice campaign, whether awards and effectiveness are correlated, the move by high-end fashion labels to sell their […]

The Face of Media, Vol. 2

A lot of nice people with interesting radio shows have asked me to appear on their programs of late, and hey, I’m a person with plenty to say, so I’m pretty receptive to these audio advances. It’s always fun and flattering to talk with people who are interested in the work you do. And GenY […]