The Stuff You Want, At A Price You Want, In A Format You Want

Personalization, direct to consumer selling and push marketing are combining to deliver a powerful new online marketplace. According to The New York Times, a new breed of e-commerce sites — Send the Trend, ShoeDazzle, JustFabulous, Sole Society and JewelMint — present subscribers with a limited but customized selection of jewelry, shoes and accessories each month […]

Extreme Personalization In Social Channels Is The New Black

When Old Spice’s man on a horse started making videos that addressed consumers directly, a viral star was born. Now, ATT wants some. At this time, 2353 people have gone to ATT’s Facebook Page to offer a Valentine’s Day message to a loved one in hope that it will be shouted from a mountaintop by […]

National Media Brand Executes Localization And Personalization Strategies

Toronto agency Reason Partners is out with new work for The Weather Network. The four spots, Tofino, Calgary, Saskatoon and Winnipeg, feature the same voice over but different imagery and a unique resolution. The Weather Network – Tofino from Reason Partners on Vimeo. The Weather Network – Calgary from Reason Partners on Vimeo. The Weather […]

Email Can Compliment But Not Entirely Replace Real Mail

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how promotional marketing is benefiting greatly from advances in digital media. Now, thanks to this The Wall Street Journal piece, I can see the same might be true for direct mail. “The introduction of new media has forced [business owners] to go back and revisit the whole playbook […]

I Can See Your Digital Aura

James Dowd believes we’re on the verge of mass customization, a shift in production that will dramatically change the manufacturing score. Everyone knows digitization screwed up publishing, music and film. You think that process is over? Oh no, the next revolution is the digitization of actual, physical stuff. The current economy is only pushing that […]

It’s A Moser-Wellman Word After All

Disney World is being taken over by the people. Yes, socialism has come to Orlando. Actually, no. It’s extreme personalization that’s making a splash. Disney created, a site that lets you customize a video with your name or the name of a Mouse-loving family member. Annette Moser-Wellman calls the effort “marketing well.” She also […]