Pittsburgh’s Condiment King Issues A Crown

[via Jackie Huba and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Eco-Friendly “Mini Tanks” Ready To Roll

I enjoyed meeting Andy Woehl, President of MÁS Wine Company, at our “Welcome to Oregon” party on Saturday night (which Mike and Keli graciously hosted on their Brownsville farm). Andy’s Cloverdale, CA-based company makes wine from grapes grown in Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties. On top of making wine, Andy and his partners have figured […]

Pepsi Can’t Sit Still

The Wall Street Journal reports that one of America’s iconic brands is going through a late-life identity crisis. Scatch that. The story’s really about loss of attention span. Or maybe it’s about the Cult of New. You be the judge. PepsiCo Inc. is seeing its cans in a whole new light. For 109 years, the […]

Packaging Innovation Conveniently Delivers Grease And Starch

A New York Times business writer looks at fast food product development, but finds manipulation of language instead: Corporate jargon can sound austere when used to describe something like the Mashed Potato Bowl, a new menu item at the restaurant chain KFC. To a fast-food gourmand, the product appears to be a simple, casserole-like mélange […]

Running With Scissors

From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Consumer Reports announced its first-ever Oyster Awards in this month’s issue, with first prize going to the hard-plastic clamshell packaging for the Uniden Digital Cordless Phone set, which took nine minutes and 22 seconds to open — not the longest, but by far the most dangerous, requiring box cutters and a razor […]

In Praise Of Packaging

From The Olympian: In the super-competitive business of selling wine, animals give new brands an edge. When a beast is on the label, Americans buy a new wine twice as often as the competition, according to the marketing information company ACNielsen. A kangaroo — actually, a yellow-footed rock wallaby — helped get the trend going. […]

Truth In Packaging?

[via Ilya Vedrashko]

On Top Of Canvertising

In effort to leave no space untouched, Ball Corporation is launching a new advertising medium that allows beverage can tabs to carry customized messaging. “Beverage cans are increasingly used in growing, upscale categories such as energy drinks, wine, and wellness beverages, where product differentiation and image are key concerns,” said Bob Tettero of Ball. Tettero […]