Today In Twitterverse: Bold Statements On Sunset

Alison Byrne Fields is SVP/Managing Director, DDB Issues & Advocacy in Washington, DC and a big fan of LA.

Muffins Find Sponsor In Media Brand

The Atlantic is spending $1.5 million to advertise its highbrow offering. Apparently, one of the media buys is the local bakery. The ads for The Atlantic in unexpected locales like bodegas are meant to reach media buyers where they eat, buy takeout food and shop. Those are “places where people’s brains are most at rest,” […]

The Creative Way To Say, “Keep Your Kids Under Control”

This image reminds patrons at Northeast Portland coffee shop and bakery, Jim & Patty’s, who’s boss. But it does so in a playful, smart, memorable manner. I love good copy, wherever it’s found.

We Sell Guns

Talking about gun control in a commercial context is tough. Like abortion, it’s a polarizing topic. Yet, it’s one that can’t be brushed under the rug–not in a nation of shooters. According to Adfreak, Modernista has erected the nation’s largest outdoor board on the Mass Pike near Fenway Park on behalf of its client, Stop […]

Wer’e Not In Sao Paulo Anymore

According to The Wall Street Journal, officials in Dubai are negotiating with international and local companies over naming rights for two dozen mass transit stations. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority is offering naming rights for 23 of the planned 47 metro stops, as well as for the two metro lines themselves. A rider on the […]

Hyper-Targeted Out of Home

Get through to Oprah (or her producers) and you just might reach millions with your story, product or service. According to Ad Age, a Pennsylvania animal shelter managed exactly that in its ongoing crusade against puppy mills. Last spring, Main Line Animal Rescue bought a billboard four blocks from Harpo, Ms. Winfrey’s Chicago studio. The […]

Advertising Pizza To Aliens (and People Flying Into DIA)

There’s a lot of creative work going on in the out-of-home category. Now, Papa John’s is getting in on the act by creating a “crop circle” near Denver International Airport. According to The Denver Post, the move is meant to promote Papa John’s new whole-wheat crust made from Colorado-milled grain. Papa John’s enlisted artist Stan […]

Wieden Inflates CareerBuilder’s Image

Inflatables are not exactly portfolio pieces, particularly when you work at Wieden + Kennedy. Be that as it may, I’m happy to see W+K isn’t above the mundane. Maybe they’re human, after all. [via W+K Studio]