There’s Wacked and Then There’s Super Wacked Mixed Metaphors

Captured today on Victory Drive in Savannah, GA Do me a favor, when you see this kind of craziness, snap a pic and send it in. The insanity must be documented!

Ford Recommends BP

Ad creep comes to rental cars.

Lone Star State of Mind

Eight-Second Content Bursts

Ad Age looks at the LA Times use of digital outdoor boards. Los Angelenos plagued by traffic delays or seeking a productive roadside distraction will be able to catch exclusive news via 10 digital billboards placed across the city by Clear Channel Outdoor. The Los Angeles Times is the first newspaper to use the company’s […]

Pepsi To Take People For A Ride

The thing about out-of-home advertising is it can’t be avoided. You can’t click away or turn the page. So brands love it. Now, more than ever. According to Business Wire, Pepsi is entering a 10-year tenant/naming rights agreement with Meadowlands Xanadu–the most expensive mall project ever conceived–to create a 287-foot-tall “Pepsi Globe,” a.k.a. Ferris Wheel […]


According to The Wall Street Journal, travelers who visit Heathrow Airport’s new terminal will be bombarded with ads. The new terminal is equipped with 333 billboard slots and 206 flat-screen TV sets, which can change ads to target specific flights. By contrast, Los Angeles International has 34 advertising TV sets in the entire airport and […]

Out of Home Weds Event Marketing. Toyota RAV4 Presiding.

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Glasgow Radio Station Uses Its Imagination

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