No Longer The Founders’ Space

You might have heard that News Corp. sent Tom and Chris packing this week. With growth stunted, it’s an expected move, but one that invites this question: will MySpace now become a particularly smelly soc net? Grant McCracken, for one, sees the need for new thinking in relation to new media properties like MySpace. In […]

Monetizing MySearchSpace

Digital advertising at its best promises to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. MySpace, for one, is working to fulfill this promise. Last October, MySpace launched a self-service advertising product called MyAds that allows small businesses to buy ads on its site. Today there are rumors that MySpace will […]

MySpace Is Money

Catharine P. Taylor, aka the Social Media Insider, watched Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson answer Charlie Rose’s questions about MySpace last night. It’s a 32-minute tape, well worth watching in its entirety. When asked about competing with Facebook, Anderson says they’re not, that FB isn’t primarily interested in making money, whereas they are and always […]