Can Brands Dance? Sir Martin Says Yes

Music moves people. Live music moves people deeply. The experience lingers for days, weeks, sometimes for years. Naturally, brand marketers would love to gain some of this attention for their own purposes, and increasingly they’re turning to experiential marketing to deliver. Which is why it is not surprising to learn that WPP has ponied up […]

For Little Caesars, The Marketing Is A Bit On The Stale Side

There’s a Little Caesars up the road from me. And many times, I’ve gone in and gotten one of their $5 Hot n’ Ready Pizzas. It’s a good deal and it’s fairly tasty. But I’ve never, never felt like singing while walking out the door the way these folks do in the commercial that’s currently […]

See The Rolling Stones’ Early Sell-out For Rice Krispies

A subplot on last night’s “Mad Men” was an attempt by the agency to get the then-new Rolling Stones to do a commercial for Heinz. It was mentioned that in England, the Stones had done a spot for Rice Krispies. Which is true. See it here:

Are Free Tunes Worth Watching Ads For?

The premise of is very simple: view an ad, download a song. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports: Richard Nailling, the company’s CEO, has been selling the idea to advertisers and music labels, including Universal Music Group, one of the world’s biggest music companies. Lionsgate Films, Warner Bros., LG and Zappos have signed up to advertise. […]

Radiohead Has Heart

Getting the precise music to fit your spot is one of the tricky but crucial steps in making a commercial, video or film. According to Ad Age, the National Coalition for the Homeless got extremely lucky when the directors of their spot sent Radiohead’s management a cut featuring the band’s music. Radiohead decided to donate […]

Music To Clorox Customers’ Ears

Entering the music business for the first time, The Clorox Company and its marketing communications partner, DDB Worldwide in San Francisco, recently released to the public “The Blue Sky Project: A Clorox Charity Collection.” “The Blue Sky Project,” is now available for purchase on iTunes and 50+ other online retailers for $6.93. Music from the […]

Bands On The Run

I’m in Austin this week and so are 1500 bands, a great majority of whom hope to be discovered by fans and by industry insiders who can help further their musical careers. Given that preoccupation, I found it interesting that Ad Age is running a feature on music licensing opportunities. According to 2006 Enders Analysis […]