Snap And Send For More Infomation From Toyota (And Many Others)

Yesterday, I said QR codes have yet to catch on in a big way, while writing about The Oregonian’s use of digital watermark technology. Earlier today, I posted about MasterCard using QR codes in a localized social promotion. Now here we are again, faced with yet another branded solution for mobile users who seek more […]

MasterCard Launches A Localized Scavenger Hunt And Experiential Social Promotion

MasterCard is treating New Yorkers to one-of-a-kind experiences care of its new Priceless Cities campaign, which is being rolled out now in New York City. The program is meant to drive preference and affection for the MasterCard brand among cardholders by offering them an opportunity to enjoy the things they are most passionate about, whether […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Digimarc Partners With The Oregonian

Do you use your mobile phone to uncover hidden or extra content? That’s what QR codes are all about but QR codes have yet to catch on in a big way. Regardless, The Oregonian is betting that Digimarc Corporation’s digital watermark technology will enhance their printed paper by offering smart phone users special content they […]

Brands Don’t “Get” Mobile, And Techies Don’t “Get” Brands

Rei Inamoto, Chief Creative Officer at AKQA argues in Contagious that brands do not “get” mobile. Brands are in the business of connecting with consumers. If there is one medium that’s perfectly suited for connecting with people, there is nothing better than mobile. It’s intimate, immediate and inimitable. Yet, in the marketing and advertising world, […]

Are We In The App Store Yet?

Nonsense, a London agency that specialises in digital engagement, points to a piece of research from Deloitte, that says most smartphone apps built by brands fail (80% getting less than 1,000 downloads). Having digested the facts and recommendations in the report the first thing that strikes us is that many of the apps in the […]

Coupons! One More Reason To Open And Inspect Your Bank Statement

This is going to push some privacy buttons. According to The New York Times, your bank statement is about to become yet another frontier in the coupon-loaded advertising game. A company called BillShrink has worked with more than 2,000 banks to offer a new service — part loyalty card, part daily deal — called Statement […]

No Wallet Required, Just An Expensive Smart Phone

Square, the other company from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, is working hard to make offline payments easy. And as Dorsey reminds in this piece from Fortune, 94% of all transactions happen offline. I have to admit that I am slow to adopt certain technologies. I don’t have a tablet, for instance. So, I’m looking at […]

Savvy Shoppers Search Smart Phones, Gain Confidence About Their Purchase Decisions

The Google is a big believer in the future of mobile and mobile advertising. Naturally, the nerds have the data to back up their enthusiasm (and a video presentation of the data set). 70% of us use our smart phones while inside the store (to check price, get product details, etc.) And 42% of us […]