When “The Numbers” No Longer Mean Anything…

It’s the ad business. We throw projections around like confetti at a wedding. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little optimism. But there is something wrong with the numbers. Jean-Louis Gassée, a general partner at Allegis Capital in Palo Alto, writing for The Guardian, argues that the $20bn “opportunity” in mobile advertising is “a […]

Utility, Not Advertising, Is Where Mobile Shines

In my experience with an iPad and iPhone, it’s the brands that provide some utility that make the most of the mobile space — not the brands that use mobile for advertising. A new article in the Wall Street Journal crunches the numbers and takes a closer look: Millennial Media runs the world’s third largest […]

Trouble Talking To The Ladies? Pull Out Your Trunk Monkey

R/West in Portland, Oregon created Trunk Monkey more than eight years ago to help its client move metal. The furry little primate has become known as a force to be reckoned with for battling car-jackers, road rage and ninjas, but he recently showed a taste of his softer side in last fall’s Wingman spot. Now […]

Sync, Tweet and Save with American Express

American Express customers want great service. That’s why they’re willing to pay exorbitant fees to their favorite credit card company. American Express, for their part, is grateful. Ergo, they want to pay the digitally adpet back with Twitter-based savings. Personally, I had to watch the spot above a number of times and read the A.P. […]

All Marketing Is Shopper Marketing, But I Digress

Are you tired of hearing about shopper marketing? Or no, maybe you are still wondering what the hell “shopper marketing” is? It’s two words for retail, instead of one. Stuart Elliott calls shopper marketing “one of the hottest fields in advertising” in his piece on Team Enterprises, based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Team Enterprises is […]

If Your Phone Is So Smart, Have It Bring You A Hot Dog And A Beer

Taap.it is a startup intent on solving problems for its customers. According to The Next Web, “the mobile app connects local buyers and sellers in a Craigslist like fashion, albeit with items both searchable and sellable by location.” In other words, it’s a hyperlocal ecommerce community with a critical game layer. Here, let the company’s […]

Advertising Is The Wrong Answer For Non-Advertising Problems

It’s a $2.5 billion slice of the online advertising pie, but few brands or their agency advisors are prepared to fully bake mobile in to their campaigns. David Hewitt of SapientNitro, writing in TechCrunch notes that “many brands still do not have a mobile or encompassing digital strategy in place. Moreover, many agencies are still […]

Go Mobile Makes Sense Of The Medium We’re All Scrambling To Understand

If you read a lot of marketing advice these days, then you’ve seen the word “mobile” used as the key to the future – much the way “plastics” was in The Graduate. But for those businesses and brands that can’t quite grasp the mobile world, Jeanne Hopkins and Jamie Turner offer a good overview in […]