Outstanding Mission Statements: 12th in a Series

North is a Portland agency with a quirky web presence full of stellar communications like their mission statement pictured above. North also has a blog, as if I need to add that tidbit any longer. An agency with no blog is ____________. Please use our comments to fill in the blank. By the way, a […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: 11th in a Series

The Anti-Advertising Agency has ambitious goals (and the tools to get them there). Here’s how they see things: Through long-term commercial saturation, it has become implicitly understood by the public that advertising has the right to own, occupy and control every inch of available space. The steady normalization of invasive advertising dulls the public’s perception […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: 10th in a Series

Sean Howard, Director of Strategy and Innovation at Lift Communications, a brand experience studio in Toronto, Canada, has an interesting new mantra for his personal site, Craphammer. I am not for sale. Is not everything for sale? Does not everyone have their price? I have a job yet no company owns my soul. I am […]

Full Sail Is Stoked to Brew and Brewed to Stoke

Outstanding Mission Statements: Ninth In A Series

I understand this is not a mission statement, but it could be. The man who wrote it is full of such thoughts, so narrowing him down to one mission statement could be a lot to ask. Not that I have asked. Hey Hugh, does this work for you as a Gapingvoid mission statement? Gapingvoid is […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: Eighth In A Series

Sometimes it’s not the words in a firm’s mission statement that impresses, but the real actions of the company. New Belgium Brewery in Ft. Collins is one such example. New Belgium takes environmental consciousness to the next level by living it. Founded by an electrical engineer and a social worker, it only makes sense that […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: Seventh In A Series

WE HATE SHEEP. Not because they’re fat, lazy creatures that smell bad when it rains. No, we hate sheep because they remind us of marketing that’s content to follow instead of lead. Advertising that’s happy to be quiet, blend in with the flock and go completely unnoticed. The average person is deluged by 3000 messages […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: Sixth In A Series

Designer, Bruce Mau, presents some deep thoughts in his Incomplete Manifesto. The last day of the year seems a good time to contemplate them. Here are some of my favorites: 1. Allow events to change you. You have to be willing to grow. Growth is different from something that happens to you. You produce it. […]