Wolf & Wilhelmine’s #WolfHowl Reverberates Coast-to-Coast

Heidi Hackemer, founder and director of strategy for Wolf & Wilhelmine, has the right idea—either rebuild the agency of the future around her own human needs or get the hell out of dodge. Hackemer is a Wisconsin-bred New Yorker who believes in good ideas, a good run and good hair. She also eloquently states several […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: 16th In A Series

WorkIsNotAJob is a design studio that neatly wears its mission on its sleeve. Here’s a screen grab from their About page that helps illustrate what I mean by that: “Work is your love made visible.” That’s a particularly nice thought. Hat Tip: Brain Pickings

Impress The Press And You’re On Your Way

Chuck Porter told a story about “How To Start A Creative Agency” at Cannes last spring. He recounted how Crispin & Porter at the precocious age of two, with just seven staff members, was profiled in Communication Arts. “Press is probably the most important thing,” Porter said. It’s not an errant comment by any means. […]

Skimming Isn’t Knowing

Newser is an aggregator with an attitude. Face it: there’s too much news. At Newser, we choose the most important stories from hundreds of US and international sources and reduce them to a headline, picture, and two paragraphs. And we do it 24/7–you can come back morning, noon, night (and in between) for something new […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: 15th In A Series

Venables Bell has good intentions. Something incredible happens when you actively work to do right by people. You become utterly unafraid. Unafraid to have messy conversations. Unafraid to advocate unpopular stances. Unafraid to upend applecarts. Unafraid to hit reset buttons. Unafraid to simply be open and willing. This fearlessness also leads to disagreement. Lively debate. […]

Today In Twitterverse: Tweet For Your Life

Twitter has evangelists, but few are more prominent than Tony Hsieh, the Tweet slinging CEO of Las Vegas-based Internet shoe purveyor, Zappos. photo courtesy of Laughing Squid After kicking it with Ev, last week in DC, Hsieh looked inward and was delighted by what he saw. At Zappos, we have 10 core values that act […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: 14th in a Series

Burgerville, a regional quick serve restaurant with 39 locations in Oregon and Washington, has a different way of looking at the business they’re in. Our mission, “Serve With Love” is about choosing to be the difference with each other and our guests. When you visit us, we commit to serving you from our mission with […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: 13th in a Series

Wieden + Kennedy/Tokyo has a new web site and a bright and shiny mission statement to go with it.