Reporters Respected

David Lauderdale writing about the future of newspapers in The Island Packet, a McClatchy media property: There is tremendous value in a small group of accountable, well-guided individuals who hustle to gather defensible, documented information and share it with a large audience. It tells us the need for local news, local knowledge, local leadership and […]

A Blog Is Not A Loaf Of Bread

We hosted a raging, if not painful, debate on intellectual property in this space last night. There are strong opinions on both sides. Piers Fawkes, writing in our comments section said: If I copied music, then sold it in its entirety – is that ok because it helps the flow of creativity? Should I be […]

Newspapers Are Ad Friendly

From Lewis Lazare: The newspaper industry is fighting back. Amid repeated claims the Internet is stealing advertising and readership fire-power from newspapers, the Newspaper Association of America, representing more than 2,000 newspapers nationwide, is launching a massive print and online campaign (you were expecting commercials?) this week from the Martin Agency in Richmond, Va., to […]

Why Save Whales When You Can Save A Newspaper?

It’s All Too Much

On Monday, Seth Godin claimed less is sometimes more when it comes to blog content. By writing too much, too often, we’re trouncing on the attention of the commons. Blogs with restraint, selectivity, cogency and brevity (okay, that’s a long way of saying “making every word count”) will use attention more efficiently and ought to […]

Seller’s Remorse

From The New York Times: The chairman and chief executive of Knight Ridder, P. Anthony Ridder, who sold the newspaper chain to the McClatchy Company on Monday, said last night that he resisted the sale and then sought to persuade McClatchy to keep most of the company’s 32 papers. But immediately after acquiring Knight Ridder […]

A Murdochian Pronouncement

From Media Guardian: Rupert Murdoch last night sounded the death knell for the era of the media baron, comparing today’s internet pioneers with explorers such as Christopher Columbus and John Cabot and hailing the arrival of a “second great age of discovery”. The News Corp media magnate nurtures a long-held distaste for “the establishment” but […]

Media Companies Hungry For Content

From The New York Times: Digital-era media companies like Yahoo and Google, as well as traditional media companies, including those with deep roots in television and print, continue to scour the Internet for emerging content and technology companies. But the pickings of obvious acquisition candidates, while hardly exhausted, are slimming, according to financiers, entrepreneurs and […]