Tavelocity Makes Nice Gnome Space

Random Culture points to an article in Adweek today about brand icons on MySpace. Travelocity is the latest advertiser to seek out friends on MySpace through an ad icon. The company’s Roaming Gnome mascot, introduced in 2004, has established a profile on MySpace (www.myspace.com/roaminggnome) that offers users special perks and deals when they add him […]

Advertising’s Version of the New Bond

According to USA Today, Whirlpool is launching a nationwide search for a next generation Maytag repairman. It could be a professional actor, an ordinary guy next door or even a real-life appliance repairman, the company says. The search will include casting calls for union actors and calls open to the public in Los Angeles, Chicago […]

Drug Company Cheerleaders

The New York Times is reporting on the prepoderance of beautiful people in pharmy sales. Even if it’s all true, it seems like a strange, but revealing, topic. Anyone who has seen the parade of sales representatives through a doctor’s waiting room has probably noticed that they are frequently female and invariably good looking. Less […]

Happy Day After Halloween

Blue Grassers Say, “Hold The Cheese”

BBC: The state of Kentucky is set to withdraw the design of the state’s smiling sunshine face from its licence plates because it is so unpopular. Perched beneath the line “It’s that friendly” on the plates, the smiling sun has met ridicule and scorn. Drivers have been drawing moustaches on the face, or transforming the […]

Ronald McDonald Will Race You

A dressed up press release from Lewis Lazare: Are you ready for Ronald McDonald super athlete? You’d better be, because McDonald’s chief happiness officer is about to take on a new look in a bright red-and-yellow active outfit. And why not? As the iconic symbol of the global fast food giant, who better than Ronald […]

How To Measure A Promotion’s Effectiveness In The Marketplace

According to Promo Magazine, SpongeBob SquarePants figures have been swiped from Burger King roofs in New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Tennessee and Utah over the past two weeks. The giant inflatables are on select BK locations to promote The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie and the QSR’s Kids Meals and promotional watches. At one BK in Utah, […]

Japan Toys With American Advertising Icon

Steve Hall reports that McDonald’s Japan has ditched the iconic Ronald McDonald in favor of a couple of “McHotties,” one male and one female. Maybe an outing to McD’s is something special in Japan. Never been there. I have been to a McD’s in Berlin, however and I was shocked to learn they sold beer […]