Dipped In KFC’s Secret Batter, Darrell Hammond Is Finger Lickin’ Good

Darrell Hammond is back, America. And he is extending a large bucket of fried chicken your way, in hopes that you will buy it. Is this more proof that Wieden+Kennedy/Portland will not be out-weirded? How else to explain the discordant song with childish lyrics at the center of this new campaign for KFC, an iconic […]

Up The Scary: Go As Flo

Do you love insurance? However you answered that, you can still Dress Like Flo for Halloween. You can also learn to Talk Like Flo, by downloading an app for your phone.

Virgin America And Michelin Are #FlyingWithXerox

Xerox is helping Virgin America deliver premier guest service and Michelin manage its finance and accounting processes. “Far from the traditional customer case study, we’ve invited our clients – and the iconic representatives from their companies – to showcase how Xerox helps them get back to real business,” says Christa Carone, chief marketing officer, Xerox. […]

Take A Journey To The Cold Case For Claussen Pickles

When your pickles are not on the shelf with the rest of the pickles, but in the refrigerated section of the supermarket, you better have a plan to drive pickle shoppers to the correct aisle. Kraft does. Sir Edwin Horsham is a Shackleton-esque explorer helping willing shoppers find their way. Created by The Escape Pod […]

Giving The Colonel His Due

Speaking of iconic, KFC is memorializing Harland Sanders in what Adfreak calls, “a sprawling multimedia extravaganza” on ColonelSanders.com. The site features several quotes from The Colonel. Here’s one: “When I work, I forget my little aches and pains. When I’m really busy, I forget I ever had an ache.” The site is also soliciting stories […]

Little Debbie Meets Bob’s Big Boy

As construction of the Advertising Icon Museum — part of Kansas City’s $100 million West Edge development — moves ahead, the museum has hired Leslie Strube as its first development director. The museum, originally slated to open in late 2007, is now expected to open in spring 2009. The Advertising Icon Museum will showcase a […]

Uncle Ben Gets Big Promotion

The New York Times examines the revival of “a racially charged advertising character.” The character is Uncle Ben, the symbol for more than 60 years of the Uncle Ben’s line of rices and side dishes now sold by the food giant Mars. Uncle Ben, who first appeared in ads in 1946, is being reborn as […]