Want To Learn About Yourself? Get To Work.

Peter D. Kramer is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Brown University. Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Karmer observes how work and one’s work environment shapes one’s world. The observations are obvious, but I like the way the professor describes things. When it functions well, the office teaches all of us when to stand […]

To Play Ball In China, Or Not To Play Ball In China? That Is The Question.

According to The Wall Street Journal, western manufacturers of computer hardware have some tough decisions ahead of them. China plans to require that all personal computers sold in the country as of July 1 be shipped with software that blocks access to certain Web sites. The government, which has told global PC makers of the […]

Ask Piercing Questions And You Might Profit

Jim Collins, author, teacher, athlete and leading member of the Boulderati is profiled in today’s Sunday Business section. It’s a flattering piece for the most part. This little passage certainly got my attention: Companies also ask him to consult. But he mostly declines, agreeing only if the company intrigues him and if its executives come […]

King Levies Harsh Tax On Subjects

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on trouble in the Kingdom. Burger King is trying to tap up to 40% of the syrup-rebate funds that all stores receive in order to increase its national advertising presence next year at a time of fierce fast-food competition. National Franchise Association Inc., which represents over 75% of Burger […]

An Anecdotal Return to Business Basics

The book I’ve been reading, The Ten Commandments for Business Failure, by Don Keough is a pleasant read for a business book. After a spectacular career at Coca-Cola, Keough kindly offers those who might follow in leadership roles some sage advice, not just about business but about life. His business thesis boils down to this: […]

Work And Learn

Mark Goldenson started an internet TV network for games called PlayCafe 18 months ago. Things didn’t work out exactly as planned. Thankfully for others walking the entreprenurial path, Goldenson isn’t afraid to air his laundry in public. In fact, he’s offering a “post-mortem” on Venture Beat. Two of his 10 points really ring a bell […]

Self-Realization In Tough Times

Serial entrepreneur, Jason Calacanis, is a character I’d like to have lunch with. He talks straight and straight talk is what we need more of in this politically correct, “we’re all winners” culture. Writing about the entrepreneur’s innate fortitude in BusinessWeek, he says: You see, there are two types of entrepreneurs in this world: real […]

Today In Twitterverse: Tweet For Your Life

Twitter has evangelists, but few are more prominent than Tony Hsieh, the Tweet slinging CEO of Las Vegas-based Internet shoe purveyor, Zappos. photo courtesy of Laughing Squid After kicking it with Ev, last week in DC, Hsieh looked inward and was delighted by what he saw. At Zappos, we have 10 core values that act […]