Power Pointers Make Cake

I like to bust on MBAs. In general, they lean too heavily on books, and often end up sounding like it when they write and speak. What is worse, MBAs never learn to trust their gut–a key to success in advertising, a semi-rational science, at best. There is a growing rate of programs, like the […]

Entrepreneurs Just Do It

Ryan Carson for Signal vs. Noise: Every successful business has a dirty little secret: They didn’t know if they were going to be successful when they started. They probably did their homework, researched the market and had a bit of experience. But there were no guarantees I just finished a book about Google called The […]

Optimism And Opportunity Connected At The Waist

USA TODAY: The best leaders have certain qualities in common. First, there is an almost uncanny ability to see the big picture and make decisions with limited information. Then there’s that rare combination of caring and charisma that makes others willing to take a bullet for them. But it is increasingly apparent that the quality […]

Make People Feel Good And You Will Go Far

Popular speaker and author, Tom Asacker, weighs in on some things he’s been thinking about lately. People believe that they are better than they really are, and they want YOU and your people and your business model to validate those feelings. If you’re really smart, you’ll make them feel even better about themselves and their […]

Giving Everyone A Seat At The Table (Now There’s An Idea)

Influx Insights: Le Pain Quotidien is Belgian bakery/restaurant chain with around 60 stores worldwide, it has US locations in New York and Los Angeles. Apart from bringing the European bakery tradition to the US, it also places a large emphasis on its communal table. The giant tables are focal points for the stores and are […]

Google Shares The Love

After considering this New York Times report on Google’s corporate culture, it certainly makes me wonder why we settle for so much less in the ad biz. Google, like I.B.M., says that it is forging a corporate culture in which success depends on performance. But while I.B.M. is an old company that has revamped the […]

Evhead Revisited

Odeo CEO (and Nebraska native), Evan Williams has some great advice for web-based startups. And he ought to know, having co-founded Blogger, which is now part of Google. #1: Be Narrow #2: Be Different #3: Be Casual #4: Be Picky #5: Be User-Centric #6: Be Self-Centered #7: Be Greedy #8: Be Tiny #9: Be Agile […]

Is Permission Marketing A Flimsy Theory?

Tom Asacker makes some cogent points about wide gulph between what marketing experts recommend and what brand managers continue to do. Consultants and popular marketing bloggers alike (they’re often one in the same) increasingly advise brand managers to: 1. Treat customers with respect 2. Do what’s in the best interest of potential customers 3. Get […]