You Don’t Make The Cover Of Magazines By Playing It Safe

According to MyBusiness Magazine, Jason Fried of 37signals built his business with a philosophy he calls “Getting Real,” a way of thinking that inspires those with limited budgets and few resources to create successful products. “Big business loves mediocrity: They put process first and product second. As long as you go through this process and […]

Will Advertising Be Reduced To Pimping Parity Products?

Now, more so than ever, an interweb company with a compelling product or service, need not advertise. Or so says Bruce Sterling in Wired: It’s good to see Internet entrepreneurs grinning again. Web 2.0 makes them happy in several ways that its bubble-era forebear did not. Here’s a critical one: The new breed of online […]

Big Business Joins The Proverbial Quilting Circle

Ben McConnell made a post on his blog about Intuit rewarding failure as a mean of encouraging experimentation. Graham Hill responded, and thanks to his efforts we now have a new term to toss around. Intuit’s approach is a brave example of what is known as “Patching”. Patching breaks down the business into a quilt […]

Social Media Won’t Save You, But Honesty And Listening Will

I first heard the name Heather Gold in March of 2003, when I attended SXSW. Through her company, Subvert, Gold stresses the importance of bringing socially open technologies such as wikis and blogs — as well as good, old fashioned face to face meetings — into the arena of personnel management. Gold recently spoke to […]

One Brand, One Story

Randall Rothenberg, director of intellectual capital at Booz Allen Hamilton, and author of Where The Suckers Moon on the promise (mostly unfulfilled) of integrated marketing. Why listen to Web wizards on integration? Because the medium has a naturally integrative function. As long ago as 1999, graphic design gurus Bill Drenttel and Jessica Helfand were showing […]

If Concept Is King, Process Must Be Prince

I used to work for a Creative Director at a big agency who would say, “Process will save your ass.” He would send junior paper shufflers scurrying whenever they asked for something outside of the agency’s established process for such things. It seemed harsh at the time, but I understood the need for it. Since […]

Whatever Works For You

You may want to think twice before launching your own design shop, blogvertising agency or brand consultancy. According to Inc. the majority of small-business owners work at least 50 hours per week, according to a recent poll — far more than the national average of 33.8 hours per week reported by the Bureau of Labor […]

Antiquated Systems Beget Asinine Assumptions

Most businesses (and their trade groups) want deperately to befriend any and all customers. They spend countless dollars and time thinking up new ways to win customer loyalty. But the recording industry doesn’t play by those rules. They have their own draconian world view, and it gets stranger by the day. Check out this Consumerist […]