Nice Concept: Sustainable Innovation

Research in Motion founder Mike Lazaridis spoke to BusinesWeek about innovation, management theory and other hot topics of the business day. Here’s a small part of what he has to say: If you really want to build something sustainable and innovative you have to invest in R&D. If you build the right culture and invest […]

Less Is More

Media entrepreneur, Om Malik, had a heart attack three months ago. Since then, he’s quit smoking, consumed less meat and started an exercise routine. He’s also retooling how he works. Simplification Through Elimination I was reading a review of the Macbook Air over on Macworld when I realized that the machine and post-recovery me have […]

Trade Mag Pushes Into Comedy

Simon Dumenco of Ad Age made me laugh this morning. Now that Web 2.0 seems, with each passing day, to be less and less magical — what with softening click rates and the rising realization that it’s going to be insanely difficult to effectively monetize social networking — “Don’t be evil” sounds increasingly hilarious. If […]

For Many Corporations, Transparency Is Still A Joke

Charles Handy, an Irish author specialising in organisational behaviour and management, used the stage NPR’s Marketplace provided him to call for reform. The tall towers that house our corporations are the new palaces of our day, the places where real power resides, but those towers are full of paradoxes. Made of glass, you can’t see […]

The Definery

Diego Rodriguez, a partner at IDEO, endeavored to define marketing recently. He came up with a short version: Identifying desirable experiences, then delivering them. And a longer one from Harvard Business School: Marketers concern themselves with acquiring and retaining customers, who are the lifeblood of an organization. They attract customers by learning about potential needs, […]

Less Ambition, More Humbition

Mavericks at Work explores a new addition to the workplace lexicon—humbition. What’s humbition? It’s a term Polly and I first heard from Jane Harper, a nearly 30-year veteran of IBM. It is, she explains, the subtle blend of humility and ambition that drives the most successful leaders—an antidote to the know-it-all hubris that affects so […]

Marketing Dollars Migrate To Strange New Places

I like Tom Asacker’s writing so much I asked him to be part of the team here. But even that’s not enough Tom Asacker. For more we turn to a comment string on Brand Autopsy. …there are many companies in the CPG industry who are indeed dabbling in the social media space, as well as […]

Suttonistic Thinking

Cherryflava points to a story in Architectural Record about design firms working to foster a culture of innovation. Hire naive misfits who argue with you; encourage failure; avoid letting client input limit your vision; and fully commit to risky ventures. This is an extreme approach to fostering innovation in an otherwise relatively static office environment […]