Get Your Instant Fix Of “View From The Cheap Seats”

I’m happy to announce the Kindle version of my book is now available for just $2.99! That’s about 3 cents a column. If you have an iPad with the Kindle App, it’s an instant download for you, too. Thanks for your support, and have a Merry Christmas.

Read AdPulp on Your Kindle

Are you a big fan of your Kindle? Amazon’s e-readers are gaining more and more traction. Which is good for readers and content providers alike. We’ve been offering Kindle subscriptions since January 2010, and while the number of paid subscribers is still small, its trending in the right direction and I expect to see our […]

Amazon Will Face eReader Competition From Apple and Others, But The Seattle-Based Company Has First Mover Advantage

Newsweek is running an interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos where he speaks openly about his company’s long-term approach to satisfying customer needs. Naturally, Amazon’s Kindle is at the center of the discussion. Here’s a look at of one question and answer from Newsweek: Q. Have you been surprised by the Kindle’s success? A. Astonished. […]

When You Pay For Content, By Definition, It’s Something of Value

Serial entrepreneur Patricia Handschiegel is looking forward to 2010. She says it’s going to be “a cool year for the internet.” She also sees some interesting challenges on the horizon and what the response to those challenges might be. Launching ideas in the not far away future will require much more investment, effort and strategy. […]