Hyperlocal News Is In The News

Distinctions between mainstream media and citizen media have become so blurry that it’s often hard to know where one stops and the other begins. Perhaps it’s time to evolve the way we describe media. There’s really just media–pro, semi-pro and amateur. But even those distinctions become blurred as cross-pollination occurs between the camps. For instance, […]

AOL Buys Two Hyperlocal Hotties

Hyperlocal news site, Patch, and Going, a soc net where friends share their entertainment schedules, are now part of the reinvented AOL. “Local remains one of the most disaggregated experiences on the Web today — there’s a lot of information out there but simply no way for consumers to find it quickly and easily,” said […]

Austin Has The Chronic

Well this is a rare treat. David Carr of The New York Times examines The Austin Chronicle and the men who run it and comes up with a glowing report on the paper’s health. The Austin Chronicle, a weekly newspaper as funky and idiosyncratic as the town it covers, continues to thrive with a relentlessly […]

Small Teams of Reporters Doing Big Things

Jeff Bercovici who writes a blogumn called “Mixed Media” for Portfolio, mentions an interesting new media startup called Prism that’s being put together by Merrill Brown, founding editor of MSNBC.com, and some of his cohorts. The mission of Prism, according to Brown, is “to develop a platform that would make it easy for a potential […]

Big Media Can’t Afford to Report Community News, But They’ll Help You Do It

The New York Times recently launched two new hyperlocal blogs. They’re both called “The Local.” One covers the Fort Green and Clinton Hill neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the other one covers Maplewood, Millburn and South Orange in New Jersey. In an introductory post on the Brooklyn blog, Times reporter Andy Newman says, “there’s a growing […]