Take The “Mad Men” Pseudo-Reality Tour

Lots of ad folks are dumping on AMC’s “Mad Men,” but Gridskipper has your Google-mapped guide to all the hotspots (and approximate locations) of many of the scenes on the show so far: Don Draper and Rachel Menken have their first tête-à-tête at a lounge with distinctive zebra-print wallpaper. This almost has to be a […]

Mad Men: Quick Thoughts

George Parker has a spot-on review of last night’s pilot episode of “Mad Men,” along with some perspective of what it was like back in those days. Lewis Lazare gives it a C+, calling it “a grim story about the dark underbelly of humanity that has precious little to do with the ad world.” Like […]

Mad Men: Coming Thursday

Once upon a time, advertising was glamorous hucksterism…for white people in suits living the dream on Madison Avenue, growing fat on three-martini lunches and TV media commissions. From the AMC website: Mad Men is AMC’s provocative new original series from writer and executive producer Matthew Weiner of The Sopranos. Set in 1960 New York, Mad […]

Get Ready For Sicko

Here’s a clip for the upcoming Michael Moore movie, Sicko: If you have a client that’s in the insurance, healthcare or pharmaceutical categories, then somewhere in their PR and corporate communications departments, they’re getting ready to go on offense against this movie. Whether you like Michael Moore or not, he gets people riled up. And […]

The Sanjaya Principle

Maybe it’s a joke, maybe it’s not, but millions of American Idol viewers are voting for this fool: Seems that bad advertising–just like bad singing–is still out there. It wouldn’t be if it didn’t work. And the masses still put up with it. Why? Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to produce better work. […]

HDTV Presents Unique Challenges For The Porn Industry

Hey, it’s in the New York Times business section, so it must be newsworthy: The high-definition format is accentuating imperfections in the actors — from a little extra cellulite on a leg to wrinkles around the eyes. Hollywood is dealing with similar problems, but they are more pronounced for pornographers, who rely on close-ups and […]

Can A Fake Band Sell Out?

Maybe they have to pay out lots o’ life insurance for all those spontaneously combusting drummers, but as a huge fan of This Is Spinal Tap, I can’t help but be bummed out about this. Why Ogilvy has to do this to a good song, particularly by using it in a completely humorless way, I […]

Gamers Got Game

Hollywood producers are perpetually in search of “the story.” Sometimes they find it in the young writer from Iowa, sometimes on page 14 of the local newspaper. According to this New York Times piece, gamers increasingly have the story. For years, Hollywood has talked about the supposed convergence of films and video games. And for […]